Home remodeling vs new construction?
December 15, 2020
What’s the best option when selling a home in Port Saint Lucie, Florida? Home repairs or home improvements?
December 24, 2020


There is nothing more pleasant that having a home that matches your lifestyle by satisfying your real needs and the ones of your relatives. Whether is the variety of ambiences, the amenities or the perfect location what makes a property convenient to you, the idea of remodeling is often hanging around next to budget plans. While each year thousands of people across the country choose remodeling their properties looking for a fresh new atmosphere or ways to optimize spaces, several others decide starting from scratch or even buying a new home for a variety of reasons.
Although remodeling is frequently seen as a more affordable option, especially for small places, there could be times where opting for alternatives can not only save you money and time but problems that can get in the way in the search of your dream house. Before making any arrangement to start your remodeling plan, it is important to evaluate both pros and cons of doing it at a given time. Be aware that not all renovation projects will require you the same resources, time or number of workers, nor services offered by a variety of companies.

Pros of remodeling

  • It would increase the value of the property: making some changes here and there to your home while being conscious of the quality of materials, will certainly boost your home appearance and value in the market. It would also make you an exemplary neighbor, especially if what is being remodeled is on people´s sight.  
  • It would get you closer to the house of your dreams: by redesigning and transforming old fashioned or deteriorated spaces, you will add beauty and value to your home. You will enjoy a renewed overall appearance without having to overflow your budget by getting a newer house.
  • It would be much faster and affordable: depending on the condition of the property´s infrastructure and the size of the project, remodeling an existing building could save you time and cut you expenses than if you start building from zero. Minor upgrades to buildout and exterior finishes don´t take much time in preexisting and well managed properties.
  • It would save you money. When remodeling, many people consider the benefits of energy-saving upgrades such as new high-efficient windows, under-floor heating, new insulation, or even solar panels to reduce utilities and even have tax advantages in the future.

Cons of remodeling

  • It could take longer if your property is not in optimal conditions: unexpected problems with the building infrastructure or municipal code requirements can appear and delay your whole renovation plan. A previous inspection of your estate can help you in preventing unsought problems but the unexpected can still occur.
  • You might have to move somewhere else while the renovation takes place: depending on the size of the project you might have to find a provisional place or room to live for several days. If there is an additional delay due unexpected damages, the number of days living outside of your home could turn easily into weeks.  
  • It could be more expensive if is a bigger project than what your first thought: from unexpected events to constant changes of your project, the amount of incidents that can occur after initiating your project could spoil your initial budging.