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What are 3 different types of drywall?

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What are 3 different types of drywall?

Drywall is a popular building material made from gypsum that is used to form the flat surfaces of walls and ceilings in most modern homes. Depending on the place it will be installed, there are several different types of drywall that you can choose from. Below, learn about different types of drywall and their uses for projects at home.


Regular (gray) drywall is the most common type of drywall and it’s the only kind many people are familiar with. All drywall has one thing as its core—gypsum, a common mineral found globally. Regular drywall can be used throughout a house and comes in a number of dimensions—the most common size is a 4-foot by 8-foot sheet.

Fire resistant drywall

When looking for residential drywall that will protect your loved ones from a fire, consider fire-rated designs. Fire-resistant drywall has grown tremendously popular as they are in line with the building codes. Building codes dictate the use of fire-resistant drywall in garages and bedrooms. Although all types of drywall are fire-resistant, this specific type of drywall has higher fire ratings.

Soundproof drywall

Sound damping drywall is the same thickness as regular drywall (1/2 inch,) but it is layered. In between the front and back paper is a 1/4-inch layer of gypsum, followed by a membrane and then another 1/4-inch layer of gypsum. The layering effect increases the Sound Transmission Class (STC) and reduces noise transmission from one room to the another. Sound dampening drywall doesn’t require special tools or equipment to install and can be used in any room of the house.