Garcia and sons construction & drywall is one of The best Stucco Repair and installation companies for your home or business in the Treasure Coast. Stucco is most commonly seen on Spanish-style homes, but is an affordable and beautiful option for many types of homes and businesses. In fact, stucco’s low cost and durability are two of the major reasons that have caused an increase on its popularity. Good quality stucco can last for decades without looking worn and faded. Stucco’s exceptional concoction absorbs paint very well, so there is no need to repaint walls as often as one would with other types of surfaces. There are other interesting facts that you may not know about stucco. Such as, it is naturally fire-resistant, and it is a great insulator for cold and heat. Since we service south Florida and winters are very mild, insulation for cold is not a big problem, however, the energy efficiency and reductions in A/C is a great benefit for most homeowners.

At Garcia & Sons Construction we hire and trained the best professionals and our team members are experts with stucco and can installations and repairs for homes and business. Our company and team has completed many residential and commercial projects, utilizing both traditional and synthetic stucco finishes. Our interior and exterior work is considered as one of the best in comparison to most other contractors in South Florida. Garcia & Sons Construction is one of the best companies in Florida when it comes to applying, touch ups and repairs for interior plaster work.

Our Stucco work