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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for your South Florida Home

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September 28, 2022
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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for your South Florida Home

Revamping your bathroom is a great home improvement project and upgrade that will help take your home to the next level. In addition to the home value’s increase, it will also improve your overall style of living while adding more functionality, which brings us to the question, what kind of bathroom renovations should you consider? Here are some ideas from our bathroom remodeling experts in the Treasure Coast area:

Replace the fixtures

Changing your fixtures with new, more stylish ones can be a great idea. It’s the type of functional and aesthetic change that will add value to your bathroom and enhance the overall design. And yes, you can finally focus on breathing new life into your bathroom, customizing it the way you want. There are plenty of fixture styles and designs you can choose, so determine the design and aesthetic you want to create and have fun!

Repaint the bathroom walls

The bathroom remodeling costs will vary based on what changes you make. Repainting the walls is a great idea because it helps improve the visual style of your bathroom. Plus, a fresh coat of paint or a different paint finish can add texture and personality. Again, you have a variety of colors to choose from, and changing the paint color is a very inexpensive way to really make a huge difference. It’s usually a good idea to test colors on the wall to see what color you like the most. Purchase some different samples of bathroom paint colors and try them out on the various divisions of your bathroom. This will help you avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong color.

Change the bathroom floors.

The reason why we think changing the bathroom floors is a great idea is that the proper flooring material in a bathroom is very important for durability and safety reasons. You can encounter unwanted water damage and moisture, and this can end up affecting the longevity of your flooring. With this in mind, it makes sense to hire the best bathroom contractors in South Florida to remove the old floor, clean up everything, and install new flooring that will be water resistant and safe for users. Choosing the proper bathroom flooring material will help prevent additional costs due to unexpected water damage or unforeseen safety factors due to slips and falls.

Add a statement sink.

Statement sinks are large yet easy to use and offer plenty space for your self-pampering routine. It’s a great idea to choose such a sink since it adds character while bringing in lots of style and innovation. That’s why it’s well worth choosing a sink that makes a statement for your newly redesigned bathroom.

Refinish the tub

It’s also a great idea to refinish the tub in your bathroom if it has chips or visible blemishes. This can give the tub a fresh, clean look which will enhance the whole bathroom experience. Another recommended option is refinishing or adding new tiles to your shower, especially if the caulking and tilework in the shower are worn, chipped, or peeling. One of the best recommendations is to work with an experienced contractor in South Florida you can trust. In doing so, you will work with great people and experience great results.

Choose an oversized mirror.

Large mirrors can help breathe new life into your bathroom. Generally, mirrors make a space seem more significant than it is, which can be very helpful in small-sized bathrooms. On top of that, because we look into the mirror while in the bathroom performing various tasks, it makes sense to go for quality, lovely mirrors of value to inspire you to start the day.

Add new cabinets to your bathroom.

There’s always a need for more storage space, so it makes sense to invest in new cabinets for your bathroom. Ideally, you want to purchase ready-made cabinets or order custom cabinets that maximize space and compliment the aesthetics of your bathroom. This adds value to your bathroom with the additional storage space and improved aesthetics, especially if you install stylish, updated cabinetry.

Install vanity lights

Adding updated vanity lights can be part of more significant bathroom renovations, but they are a great way to update the looks of your bathroom and add lots of light. There are so many styles these days to choose from and different types of energy-saving bulbs to use in the lights. No doubt, vanity lights can spruce up the design of your bathroom, and you can choose from different shapes and styles of globes.

We recommend trying out these great bathroom renovation ideas and seeing what beautiful results you can enjoy. Remember, it’s very important to hire professional bathroom contractors in South Florida, so your plans can be brought to fruition. There will always be challenges that can arise with any renovations, and that’s why you want professionals you can trust. Not only will a professional contractor save you time, but the results of your bathroom renovation will be impressive, and the return on investment will be well worth the expenditure when you sell your home.

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