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November 8, 2022

10 Important things to know before hiring a Flooring contractor company

So, you finally got a bit saved up and ready to do some remodeling, maybe some flooring work in the basement or a retouch in the kitchen or maybe it's an extension for the new baby. Small or large, whatever the endeavor is, selecting the correct contracting company is the key to realizing your dream. However, the headache might not even begin with flooring selections, but rather finding the right contracting company, which may not even come naturally, especially if this is your first home venture. Fortunately, we are here to offer you some much needed help in selecting the best flooring contractor company.
1. Do not sign any contract unless you are clear about the price and project. One man’s vision might be another man’s nightmare.

2. Select the right contracting company that fits your vision, budget, time and wants, don’t be easily swayed by contracting companies or contractors recommended by family and friends, do your own research. Asking the right questions will help narrow your shortlist of potential contractors and reduce your cost for any additions that might happen in future. Some of the questions you should consider are: What is the estimated project timeline? Be sure about the days and working hours of each workday, clear about the payment schedule or plan. Asked about queries and responses to concerns you might have and who you should contact. What can you do to help protect the project site.

3. Ensure that the contractor you select has an updated state license and it offers insurance coverage (Be sure to note down the policy and license numbers and verify if they are legitimate and up to date). It would also be helpful to research the company’s history to ensure that there aren’t any legal actions and formal complaints in the past or any that are pending against the contracting company or contractor.

4. Plan your budget based on quotes. Quotes are essential in any renovation; however, you must know what you want, be specific on your measurement, type of flooring you want, color, lighting. Be sure to get a quote on the time and space that would be needed for competition of your renovation, after all your home or space would be shared be a stranger. So keep the communication open.
5. Get an inspection and at least three estimates from your contractor before signing anything. If you are getting an inspection, note anything that might be relevant or important for your contractor to know. Like where a leak is or what happens during a windstorm. Despite how insignificant you think it might be it could help your contractor determine seen or unseen problems, regardless of how big or small your project is, prepare as many details as possible to get the most accurate quotes. And finally, don’t forget to ask whether your estimates are free beforehand.

6. Review your contract closely. Make sure that you note the payment schedule, costs, timeline, final payments, and information about damages, liabilities and warrantees. If you aren’t comfortable with certain parts of the contract, you can discuss and revise them with your contractor until you both feel confident and remember negotiation is always a possibility.

7. Inspect before you pay. Be sure to keep a vigilant eye on the work being done to ensure time and specification are met, it’s important to keep track of the work as it progresses. Having records of the project can protect the contractor and the client. After the work is finished go over the result with the general contractor, if quality isn’t up to the standards outlined in the contract, talk with the contractor about the issues to see if they can be resolved. Communication is the key to resolving any problems. Keep a note of your complaints or reservations. Making your concerns known on their websites could also help future clients know more about the company's work ethics and results

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