Cut Costs on Your House Remodel

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September 28, 2022
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Bathroom Remodelers – Tips to hire a good bathroom remodeler
September 28, 2022
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October 4, 2022

Cut Costs on Your House Remodel

Due to the wide variety of tasks required, home renovation costs can add up quickly if not properly managed. If you plan carefully and do thorough research, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a remodeling project.

Before beginning a home renovation project, create a detailed budget. Once you know the prices, add 10% to that budget to account for any cost overruns. You might need to factor in the cost of a hotel for a few nights during a renovation or dining costs if your kitchen is off-limits for a while. With high lumber and material costs, many homeowners are looking for ways to decrease their project budget to make up for spending more upfront. However, it can be hard to know which pieces of your renovation project you want to make more cost-effective, and busting the budget is everyone's biggest fear regarding home remodels.

If you've weighed your options and have decided it's better to remodel your home, follow some tips that will help you cut some costs:

1. Choose wisely your materials

If you want a fancy look but don't want to pay those prices, try looking for a material that mimics the look you want. Some materials allow you to have similar furniture and help you reduce some costs. For example, while you might want to use natural stone in your home renovation, you could consider using manufactured synthetic stone instead.

This will give your renovation a similar look at a fraction of the cost. Because the installation of manufactured stone is somewhat easier than natural stone, the labor costs will be a bit lower.

2. Bring in Natural Light Without Adding Windows

Before cutting a big hole in the side of your house and rearranging the framing, consider less invasive—and less expensive—ways of capturing light. For instance, to brighten up a windowless bath or hallway, you can install a "light tube," which slips between roof rafters and funnels sunshine into the living space.

3. Avoid Moving Plumbing, If You Can Help It

Many major remodeling projects require moving the plumbing; sometimes, that just can't be changed. But, if you're trying to cut costs, you should avoid moving the kitchen sink or any toilets, as it will require you to move plumbing lines.

4. Find the perfect time to make your home remodel

Don't schedule your reno in the height of summer or between September, when the kids go back to school, and Christmas. During these periods, suppliers tend to be busier, labor scarcer, and deliveries slower.

5. Donate your building materials

Before you begin a remodeling job, invite the local Habitat for Humanity chapter to remove materials and fixtures for later resale. You save space in the landfill, collect a charitable tax credit for the donation, and help a good cause.

6. Remove Debris Cheaply

You'll need a dumpster if you plan on an extensive remodeling project. You can rent them, but they're not cheap. Make sure you maximize the space of a dumpster by placing debris strategically. Place longboards along the length of the dumpster and place items like a bathtub facing up so you can put other trash in the tub.

7. Think long-term

Saving on the spot is excellent, but a good renovation also keeps in mind how much you save in the long run. But how? Make sustainable building upgrades during your renovation. You don't need to spend thousands on solar panels, but invest in good quality insulation.

8. Find a Cost-Effective Contractor

Contractors get busy during the summer months, so hire one during slow periods like winter to get a better deal. Contractors who need the business might cut you a deal in labor and save you money on your remodeling project.

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