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February 1, 2021
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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Florida Homes in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.

Every year, hundreds of people across Florida opt to remodel their bathrooms as a way to increase the value of their property in the market. While total remodeling is often preferred by owners planning to remain in the same house for the years to come, small and medium size improvements done by a majority can give your property a neat look without overflowing your budget. There's no doubt the house value will be increased by a tidier, well-appointed, and optimized bathroom. Whether it is the one place in the house for self-care or cleaning supply storage, an efficient, more attractive bathroom ensures a better value for your home. For those already considering renovating plans, here are four remodeling ideas when renovating your home´s bathrooms.

  • Gather Visuals: before starting, it is important to meditate on a variety of options for improvement, even if they are simple. Gathering visuals, for example, while looking for tendencies is a good way to get ideas because not everyone is an interior designer nor a professional who remodels home. Visuals can also help you come up with a bathroom style that matches the rest of the house. By remodeling your bathroom, you want to make the most of what already exists while still making some improvements, so it is important to look beyond.
  • Replace to Update: For those on a smaller budget, simple projects such as countertop or sink replacement can improve the overall look of the bathroom without having to commit to a long-term remodeling project. If your budget allows it, consider replacing all outdated or damaged finishes: from tiles and flooring to faucets. Contemplate different materials and your color palette before deciding quickly on a single option.
  • Upgrade Windows: By modernizing your windows or even considering different window shapes, your bathroom will look completely refreshed and renewed. A panoramic view in a bigger bathroom, for example, will certainly rise to the level of luminosity.
  • Make a Statement with Lighting. Frequently at a much lower cost than changing your window system, updating light fixtures can help to redesign the whole look of your bathroom. There are dozens of lighting ideas available for small, medium and large sized bathrooms, all customizable according to budget.
At GARCIA & SONS, we are ready to assist you with your renovation plans and provide prompt feedback to your ideas. Contact us if you need our remodeling and construction services in Port St. Lucie, the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches of Florida.

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