If you are a homeowner, you know all the responsibilities and maintenance you need to do to keep your dream house up and running year after year. However, this arduous task doesn’t have to be yours anymore, with the correct contractors' services any tasks big or small could be done with only a phone call. From repainting walls and installing kitchen cabinets to ground up constructions, any reputable and professional company should be able to handle the task. What you need from a general contractor is not just a knowledgeable and efficient project overseer, but one that's legal and qualified. Here are a few things to look for when hiring a general contractor.

1. Research / this will shortlist potential candidates. ensure each pro meets state-level qualifications, check out each contractor’s online ratings and reviews to gauge their reputation and build a shortlist of candidates. Interview each candidate by phone first, asking relevant questions regarding your project and their expertise, check references and finally check for personality traits that you will vibe well especially if your project is long.

2. Check list for General Contractor Qualifications and Experiences
a. Relevant experience/ your project should align with the experience of the contractor.
b. Required permits/ general contractor license: Must hold a valid license provided by the state.
c. Dual license: If needed, check that the contractor is permitted to work on residential and commercial projects.
d. Registration paperwork: Confirm that the pro has a state registration certificate. The license and registration requirements of contractors will differ depending on where you live. Check with your state, county and/or city to get the scoop on what’s required
e. Good reviews/ check out each contractor’s online ratings and reviews to gauge their reputation
f. Personal liability insurances are valid and updated
g. Worker’s compensation/ Certification: They must hold all state-required certifications.
h. Property damage coverage/ Insurance: Should have adequate, valid insurance coverage.

3. Experts / while some general contractors specialize in specific projects, like roofing or painting houses, others are multifaceted, depending on the task contractors are responsible for providing the labor, equipment and materials necessary. However, you must ask about the specialties of your project such as: Renovation and Remodeling, Painting and Woodworking, Electric and Plumbing, Flooring and Roofing.

4. Budget and Cost/ Discuss your payment options and budget with your general contractor before they begin working. Compare bids and quotes. Pay by check or with credit card for smaller projects or arrange financing for larger ones. General contractors charge about 10% to 20% of the project cost. They might charge up to 25% for larger projects. They don’t generally charge an hourly rate. If your contractor asks for cash payments, it’s likely a scam.

5. Select a Reputable Contracting Company / save yourself the headaches and just choose a reputable company who's has had years of services in the construction and renovation business such as Garcia and Sons Development, LLC this company is a Hancock County based new home construction company that has been developing extraordinary properties for more than two decades, specialize in ground-up construction and quality, custom homes this company has gain the reputation of being costumers friendly reliable and efficient. Garcia and Sons pride themselves on schedule completion. Honesty, integrity, and Great value.Custom Home Builder Hancock County General Contractor (garciaandsonsdevelopment.com)

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